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At R K Dental Care, All the treatments are done under utmost hygienic conditions. All the instruments and apparatus are properly autoclaved and sterilized. In dentistry, as in all sciences, new techniques and methods continue to emerge that’s why we consider R K Dental Care as the best dentist in Gurugram. Our commitment, is to keep you abreast of all the new progress in current techniques and provide the highest degree of professional skill and ability in dental care

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dentist near Milennium Plazza

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Radiance Dental Care -Dentist near Milennium Plazza

We strive hard to cure all your dental problems in our own clinic setting that is both pleasant and patient-friendly, as well as we have the highest level of hygiene and patient protection. We always give more preference to establish a lasting relationship with our patients which can only be formed by mutual trust and open communication.

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Radiance Dental care is one of the best dentist near Milennium Plazza city centre is an ideal destination for all your oral and dental health problems.

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Dental Implant

One of the most effective and popular ways to replace one or more missing teeth is dental implants.

Crowns & Bridge

When teeth are heavily decayed they may be too weak to survive with just a filling. By placing a crown.

Teeth Whitening Zoom

A nice smile is the first thing you notice on a person's face. Moreover, a white smile make you look younger


R K Dental Care has become renowned for enhancing the oral health

Orthodontics Treatment

A straight and beautiful smile boosts self confidence and oral health of a patient. Properly aligned teeth

Gum Treatment

Gum disease refers to inflammation of the soft tissue (gingival) and abnormal loss of bone that surrounds

Smile Design

Smile Design is a process of enhancing a smile’s appearance through various dental procedures,..

Tooth Coloured Fillings

When you have a cavity, the process for fixing it entails removing the diseased tissue and filling

Root Canal Treatment

A root canal involves the removal of the injured or diseased pulp from the root or interior of the tooth.

Scaling/Teeth cleaning

A healthy smile begins with a child. Winning smiles dental surgery provides you the best Children.


Porcelain veneers can correct mis-shapened, misaligned, stained teeth by covering them.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom tooth extraction removal related to wisdom teeth which are the final set of molars generally.

Dentist In Gurugram

We place special emphasis on prevention as well as personalized attention and care.We offers complete dental care services in all areas of dental treatment like regular general care, cosmetic dentistry and dental implants. To improve your confidence and to make you look more beautiful and feel younger we also provide complete smile makeover to our patients.
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j s
j s
So it’s been over 6 months that I’ve been getting treated by dr Dinesh madan and dr swati madan and they are just the best dentists that I’ve ever known. They work as a team so expect to be treated by both since they both handle different spectrums of the mouth to get the best outcome. They pay so much attention to perfecting the bite that my face and jaw have never felt more relaxed in their life. Their knowledge and professionalism is just incredible. Also unlike other dentists they take time to ensure they are getting the exact bite created and not just billing a client without achieving perfection. I totally love them
Hina Sahni
Hina Sahni
Got a very good reccomendations by the doctor, she analysed properly, I had wisdom teeth bumping out, but with help of medicine the pain is gone within 3 days
Neena Sahar
Neena Sahar
Dr Dinesh is a Wonderful doctor...he is the limit of precision...thorough in his field..moreover he loves his profession very much...that is why he is completely honest towards it and gives his 100%... Dr Dinesh's best quality is that he trusts his patients. He listens to his patient's query or complaint with concern and then starts finding ways to do the needful... Perhaps this is the reason, his patients go fully satisfied with his services... Such doctors are very rare, especially in the dental field ... May God bless him always. One more thing I wish to add is ...Radiance has a wonderful staff team, very courteous and.equally dedicated. Although the clinic closes at 2 pm, even at 10 pm his staff would be available on telephone with all necessary information... Equipments and systems at his clinic are best and always updated.. All this makes 'Radiance' not one but many steps ahead of others. Neena Sahar Gurugram
Shikha Sharma
Shikha Sharma
My experience with R. K Dental clinic It all started with a fractured molar. It was during 1 st Covid wave, in May 2020 that while having dinner, I suddenly felt a sensation of my tooth breaking. My molar had fractured and I seem to have ‘brittle’ teeth as similar thing had happened a year back.I was then told that this was due to age( 50+) and calcium deficienc A friend and colleague recommended RK dental clinic to me( I work in a Delhi hospital but didn’t want to visit my previous dentist) I was seen by Dr Dinesh, molar taken care of and he said’you will visit us again with another fracture in tooth in 6 months’,.Your bite is all wrong with mal- alignment of teeth and not age or calcium’. I was told to think and observe for 1 week and if I was convinced then they would start the treatment. ( No rushing or scaring). I could find all signs I was asked to look out for and went ahead with the treatment. Cost and time was explained upfront ( no fine print shocks) My first session with Dr Swati lasted 2 hours, she send me with a caution of ‘feeling different’ on eating. When I started my lunch, I was surprised that I had never felt my mouth to be more balanced and could eat with confidence. Previously, I had to keep tooth pick handy as food would lodge in all spaces all the time ( attributed previously to age and gravity). It was a big change for me to not reach out for a tooth pick AT ALL. I had few more sessions of adjustments with her and realised that I could now sleep on my back, left side(not possible previously) and also didn’t have to get up every 2 hours at night to change my position due to calf pain( another calcium deficiency claim).I would get up before my alarm went off, after a sound sleep. I am an asthmatic but over months my breathing improved and so did my exercise tolerance. Now after 2 Covid waves and end of my treatment, I have had a marked improvement in my quality of life, I can eat popcorn and corn cob without lodgement in teeth and my mouth seems‘balanced’.Photographs show a change in the way I hold my head and my smile. Thank you Dr Dinesh and Dr Swati for your expertise and above all your ability to listen to the patient, patiently.I have always felt comfort and care at their hands. Lastly, the staff at the clinic is very professional and courteous and Covid protocols are followed which is reassuring. I am still in follow up and always look forward to my visits am they are very reassuring. Thanks again for changing my life, I really mean it.
Priya Sondhi
Priya Sondhi
Best dentist in town .such a nice and soft hand.its been a very nice and painless experience.. My tooth crown use to crack very often ,they figured out that the reason behind the recurring breaking of caps was teeth grinding while sleeping. This was taken care of within a few sittings and my problem is now much better. Going to a dentist is not scary anymore! Thanks to Dr Swati and Dr Dinesh Madan. Highly Recommended!
Arti Sethi
Arti Sethi
Dr. Madan is a wonderful doctor full of compassion & sincerity towards his services for mankind .His devotion &dedication towards his profession is seen , the way he takes care of his patients. My mom is 80years old &is going to Dr. Madan for the past 12years.Yesterday he did tooth extraction for my mom & took utmost care to check for her vitals parameters(As she is BP patient ) before going ahead with it as it is a very traumatic experience in this age. His staff is equally caring . Thank u Dr.????
dinesh Mittoo
dinesh Mittoo
Excellent doctors teams for all ur dental needs
Geeta Singh
Geeta Singh
a) Before meeting Dr. Swati: I used to have irregular severe intolerable pain, above the head at a particular point on the left side. That used to last for 4-12 hrs. No pain–killer gave relief. This pain also radiates towards the left shoulder, hand and the back. Long back, for this pain, in Nov 2012, left impacted wisdom tooth of lower jaw was extracted. But surgery was not successful. During recovery, the left half of the tongue lost sensation partially. After 7 years, again I began experiencing the same pain. Got thorough check-ups in Sep 2020 which revealed: i) Cervical problem, ii) Osteoarthritis - early stage, iii) Hearing in left ear found better than right ear, iv) By ENT, in physical check-up, diagnosed issue with jaw joint, v) Unconscious serious depression Simultaneously I visited dentists regarding pain and was advised the extraction of upper left impacted wisdom tooth. Also, one of the teeth in lower jaw was said to be dead, for which some agreed and some disagreed. b) Oct 2020, Meeting Dr. Swati: By her, TMJ disorder was diagnosed and was told that unconsciously I clench and grind my teeth. She told me about splint. Then I had number of sittings of one month to shape a splint for me. Most important to highlight is the way she used to listen to me patiently with emotional support, compassion, love, respect. And I received advises for complete body healing. Her tips worked so perfectly that I could learn to avoid pain by taking precautions and wearing splint. I was very happy as without surgery and medicine, I was going to be treated. c) Improvements I have by Apr 2022: i. Rarely, I experience pain. ii. Have a healthy body and active life. iii. The sensation in left tongue has improved a lot, for which by others, I was told that the recovery time has lapsed and noting could be done. iv. Sensation and control of my left cheek has almost improved. The cheek lines are symmetrical on both sides. v. The clicking sound while opening and closing jaw has completely improved. vi. Now could have sound sleep. vii. The sound of ghoon-ghoon, in left ear has gone. viii. Muscle stiffness of neck has improved. ix. No piercing pain in the inner part of left ear. x. The pressure around the ear is completely relieved. xi. The intensity of the pain radiating towards shoulder has improved a lot. xii. Once again I am able to carry by baggage in journey conveniently without fearing the pain. Geetanjali Baswani
Gyan Mathur
Gyan Mathur
I rate Rediance Dental Clinic, Sushant Lok Gurgaon AZ one of the best dental clinic in Gurgaon. Very professional and personalised service.
Urjaswi Sondhi
Urjaswi Sondhi
The doctors at the clinic do an excellent job. They are extremely professional and friendly. I had multiple deep fillings and procedures spanning over 3 long sessions. Throughout the procedures, I felt very comfortable and was informed about the line of treatment at all times. The support staff as well is very nice and helpful. Best dental experience so far! Would definitely recommend.


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